2010 Badger Brew-Off Results

There were 189 entries in the inaugural Badger Brew-Off. Some categories were combined due to number of entries.

Best of Show

Thomas Moore, Milwaukee, WI, 13F Russian Imperial Stout, Siberian Husky Stout

Franco Belgian Best of Show (Cat 16-18)

Aaron Tervort, Oregon, WI, 18B Belgian Dubbel

Wooly Mammoth Award (Highest Scoring High Gravity Beer)

John Gunser, Mount Horeb, WI, 18B Belgian Dubbel, Evening Vespers, MHTG

Hairless Mouse (Best of Cider and Meads)

Jeremy King & Mino Choi, West Allis, WI, 25C Other Fruit Melomel, Northern Brewer Fermentation Brigade

Light and Amber Lagers (9 Entries)

  1. Greg Sellek, Verona,WI, 1D Munich Helles, Helles Hath No Fury, MHTG
  2. John Concotelli, Oconomowoc, WI, Oktoberfest
  3. Shaun Niemeyer, Janesville, WI, Bohemian Pilsner, MHTG

Dark Lagers (6 Entries)

  1. Thomas Moore, Milwaukee,WI, 5A Maibock-Tom’s Maibock
  2. Chris Retzlaff, South Milwaukee,WI 4C Schwarzbier-Oi! Schwarzbier-The Brewing Network
  3. Adam Kuryzynkski, West Bend,WI, 5C Doppelbock

Hybrid Ales (11 Entries)

  1. Dave Helt, Germantown,WI, 6B Blond Ale
  2. Drew Boxrud, Saint Paol,MN, 6B Blond Ale-40th Anniversary Blonde
  3. David Worth, Hudson,OH, 7C Dusseldorf Altbier- “Old Style” Altbier-S.A.A.Z, Akron, OH

English and Scottish Ales (9 Entries)

  1. Patrick Hutton, Madison,WI, 9C Scottish 80/- .net socttish export 80-MHTG
  2. Brent Ballweg, Madison,WI, 9C Scottish 80/- M Mouse Malt & 80
  3. Thomas Moore, Milwaukee,WI, 9D Irish Red Ale, Tom’s Irish Red Ale

American Ales (12 Entries)

  1. Mark Cook, Fort Atkinson,WI, 10A American Pale, Skateboard George
  2. Mike O’Keefe, Cedarburg,WI, 10A American Pale Ale
  3. James Sterken, Oconomowoc,WI, 10B American Amber

Brown Ales (10 Entries)

  1. Drew Boxrud, Saint Paol, MN 10C American Brown-40th Anniversary Brown
  2. Jason Van Pee, Mount Horeb,WI, 11B Southern English Brown MHTG
  3. Garrett Shaw, Madison,WI, 11C Northern English Brown-Geez Nut Brown

Porters (11 Entries)

  1. Dave Helt, Germantown,WI, 12A Brown Porter
  2. Sandy Bottom, Munster,IN, 12A Brown Porter-Bell Hop Porter, Sandy Bottom/MHTG
  3. Ray Sachs, Wauwatosa,WI, 12B Robust Porter-Anxious Porter

Stouts (11 Entries)

  1. Dave Helt, Germantown,WI, 13D Foreign Extra Stout-Foreign Stout
  2. Eric Jones, Madison, WI, 13E American Stout-MHTG
  3. David Worth, Hudson,OH. 3B Sweet Stout-Moojuice Stout, S.A.A.Z. Akron, OH

IPAs (12 Entries)

  1. Dave Helt, Germantown,WI, 14B American IPA, Sorachi Ace IPA
  2. Greg Sellek, Verona,WI, 14B American IPA,20 Below IPA-MHTG
  3. Mark Schnepper, Evansville,WI, 14B American IPA-Odana Hills Hidin’ IPA
  4. Honorable Mention-Chris Retzlaff, South Milwaukee,WI 14B American IPA, Sloth IPA,The Brewing Network

Wheat and Rye Beers (5 Entries)

  1. Adam Kuryzynkski, West Bend,WI, 15C Weizenbock
  2. Nick Caliva, River Falls,WI, 15A Weizen-El Hefe-St. Croix Valley Homebrew Association
  3. Mark Cook, Fort Atkinson,WI, 15D Roggenbier-Rye Baby

Belgian Witbier (5 Entries)

  1. Randy Brace, Wheeling,IL, 16A Witbier-Immigrant Belgian Wit
  2. Dave Helt, Germantown,WI, 16A Witbier-Belgian Wit
  3. Jeremy King, West Allis,WI, 16A Witbier-Get Down Wit Your Bad Self-Nothern Brewer Fermentation Brigade

Belgian Ales (12 Entries)

  1. Mark Kochanski, Fitchburg,WI, 16C-Saison, Half Saison Rye, MHTG
  2. C. J. Hall, Madison,WI, 16E Belgian Specialty, Blanche Noir, MHTG
  3. Paol McGuire, Oregon, WI, 16B Belgian Pale Ale-MHTG

Sour Ales (6 Entries)

  1. John Gunser, Mount Horeb,WI, 17D Lambic, Belgian Beauty-MHTG
  2. Tony Jacques and Dan Hedtcke, Madison,WI, 17C Flander Brown Ale/Oud Bruin-Brown#MHTG
  3. Jim Lapekas, Madison, WI 17B Flanders Red MHTG- Flanders Red – 3yr

Belgian Strong Ales (11 Entries)

  1. John Gunser Mount Horeb, WI, 18B Belgian Dubbel, Evening Vespers MHTG
  2. Aaron Tervort , Oregon,WI, 18B Belgian Dubbel
  3. Peter Steinberg, Madison, WI 18E Belgian Dark Strong, Brary-MHTG
  4. Shaun Niemeyer, Janesville,WI, 18D Belgian Golden Strong Ale- Infernal Fruit MHTG – Honorable Mention

Strong Ales (10 Entries)

  1. Thomas Moore, Milwaukee,WI 13F Russian Imperial Stout,Siberian Husky Stout
  2. Steve Kloepping, Menomonee Falls, WI 9E Strong Scotch Ale Wee Heavy
  3. Greg Sellek, Verona,WI 14C Imperial IPA ,. Holy IPA Batman! MHTG

Fruit/Spice/Herb/Christmas Ales (18 Entries)

  1. Patrick Hutton, Madison,WI, 21A Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer, Holy Mole Chocolate Chipotle Stout, MHTG
  2. Brian Wild, Stoughton,WI, 21A Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer, Morrison’s Van-MHTG
  3. Brian Phillips, Monona,WI, 21A Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer,MHTG – Pumpkin Porter

Specialty Beer (11 Entries)

  1. Greg Seppelt, St. Paol,MN, 23A Specialty Beer MHBA – Darkness IPA
  2. Page Buchanan, Madison,WI, 23A Specialty Beer, MHTG – Founders Breakfast Stout Clone
  3. Randy Brace, Wheeling,IL, 23A Specialty Beer, Amber Waves Rye IPA

Traditional Mead/Cyser/Pyment (7 Entries)

  1. Seve Klafka, Madison,WI, 24B Semi-sweet Mead, Elmside Blonde Mead, MHTG
  2. Carol Bracewell, Madison,WI, 25A Cyser, SF09, MHTG
  3. Colleen Bos, Fitchburg,WI, 25B Pyment, Pinot Grigio Pyment- MHTG-alumnni

Open Mead/Cider/Applewine (13 Entries)

  1. Jeremy King & Mino Choi West Allis,WI, 25C Other Fruit Melomel-Keepin’ It Real Blueberry, Northern Brewer Fermentation Brigade
  2. Thomas Moore, Milwaukee,WI, 27A Common Cider-Tom’s Hard Cider
  3. Jeremy King & Mino Choi West Allis,WI, 26A Metheglin – Orange Zest Vanilla Bean-Northern Brewer Fermentation Brigade