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      Brad Sullard

      I’m looking to get some data on the municipal water in the Village of Cottage Grove. Has anyone done an official water analysis of the water supply in the Village of Cottage Grove that you would be willing to share?

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      Tim Payne

      Hey Brad,

      I can’t give you exact numbers, but I live on the far east side of Madison and have studied our water.

      First, you’ll probably want a water calculator, I like http://braukaiser.com/documents/Kaiser_water_calculator_US_units.xls from Braukaiser.com. You can get basic hardness and alkalinity numbers from the Cottage Grove water page: http://www.cottage-grove.org/publicworks/water-a-sewer-utilities/water-quality

      The hardness and alkalinity numbers there are 298 and 236 mg/L respectively. That’s the same unit as ppm CaCO3 which can use to fill in your spreadsheet. That will get you the residual alkalinity (163) as well as guesses of calcium and magnesium levels. (The sheet uses 70% Ca/30% Mg contributions to hardness; Madison Mg percentages look to be higher than that.)

      This does not give you sulfate numbers which you may care about for hoppy beers. Note some people smarter than I claim that it doesn’t make any difference.

      In Madison the water reports are more detailed. This is for my well which isn’t far from CG: http://www.cityofmadison.com/sites/default/files/city-of-madison/water-utility/documents/water-quality/2014_WQ_IOC_UW25.pdf There they include most things broken out. Those values are going to be close enough for brewing in CG in my opinion.

      I’ve found the series of blog posts by Joe Walts on Madison water to be really helpful, see http://www.madisonbeerreview.com/search/label/water. Read and enjoy. I typically employ the water treatment method from part II from there and RDWHAHB.

      Hope this helps,

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      Resurrecting this to see if anyone has similar info for Middleton. Seems like the water in Madison and likely Middleton is a pain for brewing certain beers. Hope someone can point me to the info. Thanks

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