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    Mark Schnepper

    Anyone bought any of these Torpedo Kegs? If so, are you happy with the quality (I”m guessing it’s decent since more beer is carrying them).

    They may seem “expensive” to some of you that are holding a stock of cornies that you bought for $8 many years ago, but compared to the cost of a used 5 gallon corny these days, the price is pretty decent. The other interesting thing is the 2.5 and 1.5 gallon kegs are actually cheaper than the 5 gallon kegs. As far as used or even other new kegs, the smaller ones seem to demand a premium and actually cost more (I get it as far as used, because of supply, but I’m not sure why the other new keg vendors are charging more). Maybe it’s just me, but I’d consider an upcharge on a used one as far as availability (supply/demand), but I am pretty hesitant to pay more for a new 2.5 or 3 gallon keg, when I can just half fill a 5 gallon and purge the air.

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    Not sure if it’s relevant anymore, but I own 3 of these. If you want to buy their matching disconnects and like to contact Customer support about poor manufacturing of the posts, then I would recommend them. To me they’ve been more trouble than they’re worth. That being said, I bought them because they’re narrower.

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