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    Ted Loveland

    Hi everyone,

    I recently received a nitro tap setup from my wonderful girlfriend, and I am loving it for stouts. The cascade, smooth texture, the pour of a stout tap…everything about it is a fun change-up from a plain ol’ CO2-served draft.

    Somewhere on the line I read about serving cold brew coffee on tap. That sounds delightful from afar, but I wanted to get some informed opinions before I start brewing several gallons of coffee. My questions are…

    1. Has anyone here ever served coffee from a keg with beer gas?
    2. If so, what was your experience with it? Worth it?
    3. I use a beer gas mixture of Nitrogen and CO2 from Badger Welding Supply. Will I accidentally carbonate my cold brewed coffee even though the majority of the gas is Nitrogen?
    4. How many PSI should I use to serve the coffee?

    Great thanks to anyone who can answer any of these.


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    Mark Schnepper

    I can’t speak to any of your questions. However, I did have some locally roasted cold brew served on nitro at Sardine. I thought it was wonderful. If you have the equipment and it isn’t any more difficult than serving beer (which would be my assumption), I would think it would be worth. My recollection is that it was lightly carbonated, but perhaps it wasn’t the same 80/20 mix that is used for beer. Secondly, you could always decrease the pressure pushing it out, if you have a manifold with multi-pressure set up.

    If you do give it a try, I’d love to hear your results.

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    Carol Bracewell

    I would love to see the club add Nitro tapping to the club tapping equipment. I would love to try it on a cornie of homebrew. maybe a 2-tap Nitro jockey box?

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    Ted Loveland

    Update – I did this. I mixed about 5.5 lbs of Cameron’s Highlander Grog (course ground) with about 3 gallons of RO water in a food grade bucket and let it sit for ~30 hours in my kegerator at 40 degrees. Afterwards I used my brew bag to filter the grounds from the cold brew and ended up with just a hair under 2 gallons. Then I sanitized and purged my 3 gallons corny keg, dumped the coffee in and purged the headspace. I hooked it up to my nitro system at 35psi. It took about a week to develop a creamy head, I think due to the time it takes for the 25% CO2 to get absorbed into the coffee so it can get knocked out of the solution by the nitro tap diffuser plate.

    It’s VERY strong. 8 oz is more than enough to get a strong caffeine buzz. I mix in some sweetened condensed milk, skim milk and ice and it’s delicious.

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