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    little steve

    I’ve used iodophor to sanitize my homebrewing gear for along time. My favorite restaurant supply stores where i would buy a quart have both closed on East Wash and Fair Oaks. I see you can get four 1-gallon jugs of Bock sanitizing rinse iodophor for $99 on Amazon. I only want a gallon. Anyone interested in chipping in for the other three gallon jugs? $25 per gallon.

    Iodophor Background –

    Cost on Amazon –

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    Peter Steinberg

    Kessenich’s is still around, just a bit farther away from you now:
    3226 Progress Rd, Madison, WI 53716

    Farm and Fleet might also have it in their dairy/livestock section.

    I’ve got a quart or so that I can give you if you want.

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    little steve

    Thanks Peter. I called Kessenich’s and they no longer had the Bock sanitizing rinse, at least over the phone. I should probably visit their new location and see what they have. Farm and Fleet was a good tip, so to speak. They sell Agrimaster 1% Iodine Teat Dip for $10.99 a gallon. Bock sanitizing rinse is 1.2% iodine. In short term, I bought some Five Star FS 16 Io-Star-16oz IO Sanitizer at $15 a pint.

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