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    Jeff Wala

    I thought one of the brewers this year had a display so novel i was wondering what others thought of it. I hadn’t heard of the brewery before, but Bucky’s had a very thought provoking set up. The staff were all gathered in these plastic blue boxes. I took it as a modern art statement, very avaunt-guarde. They rotated through their positions rather frequently and there seemed to be an awful lot of them (are we giving away too many brewer comps?). Their beer was in a self-serve stand in front of the boxes. It seems that Japanese craze is finally making inroads here. I was only able to find one beer among the many taps and it poured oddly thick, but the head retention was amazing. The effervescent strawberry flavor was among the better sours i tried all day.

    I guess there must be some trouble with the app because, like the mysterious milk stout, i couldn’t find these guys on it either…

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