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    Matthew Gentz

    I am a bit of a newbie to homebrewing so I need some help in regards to competition submission etiquette. Like most newbies, my brews start with the work of others (recipes or kits) and I make minor changes from there. Is it poor form to enter these into competitions or should competitions be limited to wholly original recipes? Is it acceptable to use recipes of others and somehow credit their work? The last thing I want to do is take credit for anything that is not mine.

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    Peter Steinberg

    It depends on the competition.

    For most competitions it’s fine to enter anything that you brewed.

    At some competitions where the winning beer will be brewed at a commercial brewery they would prefer not to be brewing a clone of an existing commercial beer.

    Most homebrewers do not have enough control of their process to brew the same recipe twice and get the same results.

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