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    Bob Paolino

    Cheap beer alert for clearance seasonals at HV#1:

    They still have some cases of the seasonal Stone Mocha Imperial IPA. I did buy a case (willing to split with someone) and it is an enjoyable IIPA. The coffee and cacao is not overdone.

    $3.99 (six pack of cans) Uinta Peach Session IPA. I wouldn’t ordinarily buy a fruit beer, but the Lakefront Cream City Pale Ale of the 1990s came to mind. CCPA wasn’t a fruit beer, but it had a peach-like ester/yeast/”house character” that I enjoyed so, okay, for four bucks I gave it a shot. The Uinta is not much like Cream City, of course, but is a decent beer and the session pale hop character won out over the fruit. The NEIPA fans in the group would probably enjoy it, too. The name makes the “session” claim, but for all the cluttered text on the can and the sixpack box, I could not find any mention of alcohol (no mention of IBUs either). But the brewery website does provide the appropriate specifications, and at 4% it is within the 4.5% standard for session beers. Oddly enough, the page says available only in Utah.

    $5.99 (12-pack cans) Great Lakes Brewing Company Turntable Pils (Czech-style Pilsener). For price comparison, the six-pack bottles in the cooler are $9.99, and have “best by” date of October. The clearance cans have a December date. (12-pack can prices for other GLBC beers are $19.99). This is a very enjoyable hoppy Pilsener. I intend to pick up another 12-pack while it is still available. GO GET THIS BEER! Now!

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