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    Nick Balazs

    Nick Balazs <>
    1:36 PM (2 minutes ago)
    to bazaar, MHTG

    I am selling some of my brewing equipment here is a run down of what is included, I can furnish pictures if you would like:

    3 keggles (mash tun, hot liquor tank with HERMS coil integrated, boil kettle)
    2 false bottoms
    2 tier, 3 position brewing stand with 2 natural gas 23 jet burners
    2 march pumps
    1 peristaltic pump
    1 omega thermocouple (not control just for checking temperature)
    1 copper immersion chiller

    $750 gets you all of it. I don’t want to piece it out but if I get reasonable offers for individual pieces, I could be persuaded.

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    Nick Balazs

    Below is a link to some pictures of what I am selling if that interests anyone.

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