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    Benjamin Hulbert

    Just found out today. While they’ve never been my favorite, I’m sure gonna miss an East Side Homebrew shop for quick, last minute ingredients.

    Just a heads up… everything in the store is 20% off and some stuff up to 50% off (Blichmann parts all 50% off too)

    So…my next question: when is Ben and the Wine and Hop Shop gonna stretch their legs East-ward?!!

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    Doug Randall

    Seems unlikely that Ben would want to move east when there’s a recent fail of a HBS on the east side.

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    Benjamin Hulbert

    While I see your point, I think it’s valid to note that one store’s closing is hardly an indicator of success on the East Side, as there are SO many other factors that play into this. For Brew and Grow, I saw a lot of red flags—on an operational level, the space alone was gargantuan, and couldn’t have been financially easy to maintain. Also, their diversification in the “growing” side always seemed unnecessary to me, as a homebrewer and that took up more than half their space. So there’s that. Also, let’s be honest—I don’t feel like they were on the pulse of the Madison homebrew scene, both as contributors and as community strongholds, like the Wine and Hop Shop is. Also, in terms of customer relations and service, I know myself and others have found their operation to be only acceptable, but in all honesty my customer service experiences haven’t been great on multiple occasions. Had it not been for their locational convenience, I would have always rather made the trip to the The Wine and Hop Shop. Having a good face to face retail interaction can work wonders for repeat clientele and reputation.

    So, my point is, I think a smaller, more modest shop (Similar to the original WAHS) would do well on the Eastside–especially since WAHS already has a fantastic reputation in the homebrew scene. But, what do I know? I’ve got no market research, just a hunch that the shitload of homebrewers on the Eastside and Sun Prairie would appreciate a quality homebrew shop, closer to home.

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      Gary Nidetz

      For those people on the East Side/Sun Prairie, Cannery Wine & Spirits in Sun Prairie does have a bunch of homebrew supplies including hops, grains and a grinder, although their inventory of brewing equipment is less-comprehensive than WAHS or Brew n Grow’s.

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    little steve

    Will miss their convenience here on the east side.

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