2012 Grumpy Troll Challenge Results

The Madison Homebrewers and Tasters Guild and The Grumpy Troll Brew Pub are pleased to announce the results of the 2012 Grumpy Troll Challenge.

 99 Total Entries

Table 1 – Lagers and Hybrids (14 Entries)

  1. Mike Slaby Waupaca,WI 3A Vienna Lager
  2. Eric & Jenny Durose San Diego,CA 7A Northern German Altbier — JenEric Steam Beer
  3. Mark Gottwald Duluth,MN 2B Bohemian Pilsner — Czech Mate

HM – Casey Mussman Mason City,IA 6D American Wheat or Rye Beer — Springtime Ale

Table 2 – English & American Pale, Amber, and Brown (17 Entries)

  1. Jared Mathys Fond Du Lac,WI 10A American Pale — Pale Ale
  2. Mike O’Keefe Cedarburg,WI 9D Irish Red Ale — Irish Red Ale
  3. Jeff Bitgood Madison,WI 11A Mild

Table 3 – Dark Ales (13 Entries)

  1. Keith Akstulewicz Neenah,WI 13F Russian Imperial Stout — Old Engine Oil Imperial Stout
  2. Matt Mayes Chicago,IL 13E American Stout — “The Shakes” Stout
  3. Glen & Jack Rauwerdink Hingham,WI 12C Baltic Porter — Jack Tar Baltic Porter

HM – Keith Akstulewicz Neenah,WI 12C Baltic Porter — Joe Henry’s Perfect Porter

Table 4 – IPA (15 Entries)

  1. C. J. Hall Madison,WI 14B American IPA — Demon Sweat IPA
  2. Tyler Busey 14C Imperial IPA — Imperial IPA
  3. Ben Thomas Madison,WI 14B American IPA — New Tun IPA

HM – Eric Tennant Greenfield,WI 14C Imperial IPA — The Judge

Table 5 – German / Belgian “yeast” (13 Entries)

  1. Matt Heagney Fort Atkinson,WI 15A Weizen
  2. Jeff Wala Madison,WI 15C Weizenbock — Farten Ottor
  3. Patrick Hutton Madison,WI 15A Weizen — Weizen

Table 6 – Belgian Strong / Fruit / Spice (11 Entries)

  1. Shawn McCoy Madison,WI 18B Belgian Dubbel — Paddy’s Pleasure
  2. C. J. Hall Madison,WI 21A Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer — Orinoco Coffee Ale
  3. Nate Baker Chicago,IL 18A Belgian Blond Ale — Girl Next Door

Table 7 – Smoke / Wood / Specialty (16 Entries)

  1. Marta Krist Madison,WI 23A Specialty Beer — Orange Ginger Black Ale
  2. Josh Gibson Stoughton,WI 22B Other Smoked Beer — Smoked Porter
  3. Dan Cornelius Madison,WI 23A Specialty Beer — Double Chocolate Cherry Stout

HM – Adam Runstrom Cottage Grove,WI 22C Wood-Aged Beer — Caber Toss Scottish Ale
HM – Gerald Poss 23A Specialty Beer — Imperial King Koffee Stout


Final four beers being considered for brewing by Mark Knoebl and the Grumpy Troll Owners:

  1. C. J. Hall 14A – Vienna Lager Demon Sweat IPA
  2. Josh Gibson  22B – Other Smoked Beer                 Smoked Porter
  3. Marta Krist  23A – Specialty Beer                         Orange Ginger Black Ale
  4. Keith Akstulewicz    13F – Russian Imperial Stout  Old Engine Oil Imperial Stout
Congratulations to the winners and everyone that supported the contest.
Madison Homebrewers and Tasters Guild Competition Committee